Gnaim is a seasoned and experienced Abranteer specialist, known for his gruff demeanor and no-nonsense approach. He plays a crucial role in mentoring young Abranteers, particularly his rookie partner, Randy.


Gnaim is a high-ranking Abranteer field specialist with exceptional combat, tracking, and interrogation skills honed through decades on missions neutralizing supernatural threats.


Gnaim is a dedicated member of the Abranteers, an organization focused on monitoring and apprehending dangerous non-human and mystical forces. His commitment to the cause and his vast experience make him a respected figure within the organization. Unable to socialize normally, Gnaim pursues his duties with more dedication than any sane man should. Nothing can stop this elite hunter once a target enters his crosshairs. For better or worse, Gnaim’s unflinching determination makes him one of the Abranteer’s most indispensable assets in the neverending struggle between magical and nonmagical civilizations threatening humankind’s fragile balance from the shadows.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mastery of various abrant-based mystical weaponry
  • Top level hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Preternatural senses and tracking abilities
  • Resistance to many magic charms and trickery
  • Extensive covert operations experience
  • Interrogation expert skilled in extracting information from beings human and inhuman alike


Very little is known about Gnaim’s origins or background before he joined the Abranteers. Some murky reports place his initial new recruit training under Sir Lionel II, an Abranteer knight.

Known for his taciturn nature, relentlessly high standards, and mastery of abrant-based weapons, Gnaim swiftly rose to fame for neutralizing countless mystical threats undercover posing as army special forces. He made a name for himself by singlehandedly breaking a powerful magical mind control cell that infiltrated an AFO squad he was assigned to. Only when his regimental commander was possessed and mortally wounded did Gnaim expose himself as a secret Abranteer sleeper agent. He defeated the rest of the cell alone after a prolonged duel, although he carries the scars from that day’s ordeal still.

Despite his ruthless reputation dealing with hostiles, Gnaim shows a surprising soft spot for his assigned rookie partners, often begrudgingly mentoring them into exceptional agents before gruffly sending them off to new assignments once the wetwork is done. One report mentions Gnaim personally executed a demonic jinn who had possessed and seriously wounded his partner’s fiancé. An odd quirk for a man whose heart seems frozen. The full truth of how Gnaim joined the Abranteers and the incident with Sir Lionel II’s disappearance remains frustratingly absent, with all inquirers stonewalled by senior leadership.