Home Page

Home Page

The digital terrorist known only by her handle Home Page wages an obsessive war of escalating technology-driven attacks against corrupt authorities and infrastructures. Her core driving force shifted from idealistic activism towards spreading chaos and destruction after the system she once hoped to redeem instead destroyed her life.


Samantha “Sam” Grimes was born to a single mother who instilled strong social justice values in her bright daughter. After earning scholarships to an elite university, Grimes pursued computer science alongside activism for progressive causes.

She soon grew outraged reading leaked documents exposing exploitation and suffering hidden beneath bureaucratic policies. Under the pseudonym “Home Page” taken from her favorite novel, Grimes launched distribute denial of service hacks against sites enabling oppression. Along with like-minded hacktivists she exposed scandals, malfeasance and cover-ups from those in power. Their efforts sparked investigations, resignations and policy changes.


As Home Page’s feats drew greater attention, authorities painted her as criminal rather than crusader. Multi-national corporations bankrolled politicians vowing to take her down while media vilified her actions. Soon Home Page was top of every intelligence agency’s capture list with all her known contacts under surveillance.

Forced into hiding as she evaded capture, Grimes lost her scholarship, livelihood prospects and core support community. Seeing the institutions she once hoped to reform now weaponized against truth-tellers and activists left her increasingly jaded and paranoid. She realized those supposedly upholding justice cared more about order than ethics. Their crackdown radicalized her towards retaliation.

Cyber Warfare

Initially limiting her infiltrations to non-violent hacks, Home Page witnessed the ruthlessness of governments warring for dominance through cyber espionage, covert sabotage and proxy conflicts devastating civilians. Recognizing technology’s ever-growing centrality gave hackers power rivaling armies, she vowed to become the world’s most dangerous keyboard combatant.

Now waging her personal holy war far from the idealist who once dared believe truth could set them all free, Home Page deploys worms, viruses, Trojans, zero-day exploits and bricked devices to unleash mayhem. Her technical brilliance enables black hat tactics keeping authorities perpetually off-balance. Decentralized followers spread her infamously viral propaganda across all corners of the digital landscape.

No targets remain off limits to Home Page’s path of destruction towards bringing down institutions of oppression by any means necessary. Those failing to radically overhaul the system enabling exploitation will watch all they rely upon collapse one hack at a time.

Methods & Tactics

Home Page’s core strategy focuses disruption of governments and mega-corporations through:

  • Securing access to sensitive internal data to enable whistleblowing or extortion
  • Bricking hardware/machinery by reprogramming firmware leading to breakdowns
  • Crashing services, apps and websites via denial of service floods
  • Deploying remote access Trojans letting her control infected systems undetected
  • Stealing and wiping records/assets forcing costlier manual replacement
  • Hijacking official broadcasts to play forged media or menacing manifestos
  • Exploiting security flaws to spread malware crippling functionality countrywide
  • Inciting chaos by manipulating social media trends algorithmically

Her technical brilliance keeps adversaries continually off-balance while issuing escalating demands promising increasingly aggressive action if unmet. Calling out hypocrisy through ruinous consequences rather than reasoned debate, Home Page will seemingly stop at nothing to expose and dismantle corrupt hierarchies dominating society through force rather than consent.

So in essence, Home Page represents one of the most dangerous supervillain threats imaginable – a principled activist pushed beyond compromise into technological omnipotence, willing to throw entire civilizations into turmoil to replace perceived injustice with oblivion.