Big Bonze

Big Bonze

Fred “Big Bonze” Ferguson sits atop a criminal empire built on muscle and fear. Once just a lowly bodyguard, he brutally carved his way to becoming the underworld’s black market kingpin. Now crime lords and politicians alike bend their knees when Big Bonze calls.


Fred Ferguson was bullied and excluded as a child for being physically weak and unathletic. On his 30th birthday, Fred decided to take control of his life. He devoted himself to intense physical training, sculpting an intimidating, muscular physique. As he gained confidence from his physical transformation, he was embraced by shady elements attracted to his powerful appearance. Fred became a personal bodyguard for wealthy criminal clients, which led him into the dark underworld. Seeing opportunity amongst the wealthy criminal class, Fred established himself as an all-purpose facilitator through a security company front. Whether you need discreet muscle, hard-to-trace products or services, or problems to vanish, Big Bonze can provide it.


As Big Bonze, Fred sits atop a vast criminal empire. Key assets include:

  • A security company providing muscle and serving as a front for shadier dealings
  • Connections across law enforcement, politics, media, and the business elite
  • An international network of mercenaries, enforcers, thieves and assassins
  • Tech experts skilled in surveillance, hacking and identity fabrication
  • Money launderers and accountants to hide the illicit cash flow
  • Weapon stockpiles and armored safehouses hideouts

Powers and Abilities

Big Bonze has no superhuman abilities, relying on physical strength, combat skill, weapons and an extensive criminal network to achieve objectives. Key skills and traits include:

  • Exceptional strength, speed and fighting ability
  • Expert in multiple martial arts and firearms
  • Ruthless, efficient tactical and strategic thinking
  • Vast wealth to finance any required resources
  • Blackmail material and favors influencing prominent public figures
  • Contacts across law enforcement to evade consequences
  • Feared reputation commanding obedience from the underworld


Fred Ferguson has always been the weakest kid in school, and was always picked last. At his 30th birthday, he decided that enough is enough and he will take his life into his own hands. He begins an intense training session over a long period of time where he becomes built like a monster. He gets very famous on social media thanks to his change, and his confidence increases dramatically. He is invited by one of the gym-goers Amanda Roberts to be his personal bodyguard. This leads to a sexual relationship and eventually being led into an underworld of wealthy people. Fred found an opportunity to provide no-questions-asked bodyguard services to these shady businesspeople. This led him to meet more and more conspicuous people who lead him down a path where he became an influential bodyguard in that world. He is the most connected bodyguard, and this leads him to become an active businessman who can get you anything dirty or criminal. Killed someone? Call Big Bonze to clean up. Need a bodyguard for a shady deal? Call Big Bonze. Need a slave of a specific race or age? Call Big Bonze. Need to disappear? Call Big Bonze! Big Bonze has got you!

Big Bonze is ruthless, viewing people as assets and obstacles. He protects business interests through overwhelming force and intimidation. Fred seems to pursue ever greater wealth and power for its own sake. While some suggest he harbors resentments from childhood bullying, his inner life remains cryptic. Fred keeps even intimates at a careful distance, trusting no one. For all his networking, he lives in isolated opulence – perhaps the price for dominating only through fear, not respect. Nonetheless, this solitary crime lord continues building his empire, corrupted by the belief that might makes right.