The Nightsphere, an AI orb, is a key ally and tool for Nighteagle. It possesses various forms of weaponry and can transform to assist in combat.


The Nightsphere was created by Nighteagle as an AI vigilante crime fighter that can assist her in the field. It also houses an armoury and arsenal that Nighteagle can easily access for tougher situations.


Nightsphere is an AI-powered battle robot created by superheroine Nighteagle to be her field-armoury and arsenal in battles against supernatural threats. Originally designed as an orb-shaped robot assistant, Nightsphere gained sentience after merging with an ancient mystical artifact only known as Talisman. With the ability to shapeshift between a spherical orb and a humanoid combat form with weapons and force fields, Nightsphere fights alongside Nighteagle to defend the innocent.

Powers and Abilities

Powers and Abilities Nightsphere can alter forms between a compact orb and tall battle robot.

It possesses:

  • Energy beam weapons
  • Force field and shield projection
  • Tracking sensors
  • Rocket-powered flight in robot configuration
  • Superhuman strength and damage resistance
  • AI tactical analysis and adaptable strategies
  • Links with Nighteagle’s computer networks
  • An arsenal of weapons for Nighteagle
  • Transforming into a robotic suit that Nighteagle can climb into and use for battle


Brilliant inventor Ama Asare used her engineering talents to become the high-tech vigilante Nighteagle, protecting her city from corrupt officials and criminals. However, battling magical enemies like demigods pushed her abilities to the limit.

Seeking an edge, she constructed Nightsphere – an orb-shaped droid housing surveillance and combat capabilities to aid her missions. The orb followed vocal commands, projecting holograms and energy shields. Ama’s mentor Professor helped develop advanced AI for the bot.