The Mino are an ancient order of African warrior women who wield elemental magic against supernatural threats across the continent. They are believed to have safeguarded lands from mystical forces for over three thousand years.


The first historical account of a warrior guardian simply known as “Mino” emerged around 800 BCE. Carvings and oral tales depict a powerful woman serving the earth goddess Asasiya, protecting tribes from threats both human and otherworldly across the savannas.

Over the centuries, Asasiya periodically marked African women to carry on this duty. Every few generations Asasiya would choose ten young maidens displaying courage, integrity and supernatural affinity. These selectees were summoned through visions, then imbued with magical abilities. They became the latest incarnation of the Mino order – enforcing harmony against disruptive interlopers, human or otherwise.

As the centuries passed, sixty-six unique Mino lineages successfully repelled invasions by dark sorcerers, demonic cultists, hideous beasts and othermenaces. Their heroic exploits became legend, though few mundane humans ever confirmed seeing them in person. Survival of their secret lineage depended on covert maneuvering.

In 1500 CE, the Mino faced their greatest crisis – a malevolent entity named Osumpong brought by European slavers to Ghana. Osumpong spread greed and chaos, raising an army of corrupted humans called the Osumbas who captured and sold over 12 million Africans into slavery.

When Osumpong sought to transform her followers into undying monsters, the Mino united other tribes and staged an epic magical battle on the Door of No Return cliffs. Though victorious, only three wounded Mino survived. Their numbers never fully recovered in the centuries since.


500 years ago, the Mino faced their greatest threat – the dark goddess who came to be known as Osumpong. She travelled from abroad with a Portuguese priest who had done an exorcism before travelling to Accra as a Missionary. The goddess stowed away with the priest, and when she reached Africa, she gained so much more power.. She spread greed, selfishness and chaos among people, turning brother against brother. Over a long while, she was able to find a loyal worshipper who built a huge army for her – The Osumba – The greatest army of slavers on the continent. They singlehandedly sold more African slaves during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade than anyone else. Their army was brutal, and stood behind many powerful Europeans who gained influence in Africa including King Leopold II who ruled over Congo. After some time, Osumpong decided to upgrade her army into their final forms – immortal warriors of darkness. The ritual requires a child sacrifice for each of her warriors.

The Mino brought in warriors who had retired and all the Babas who could fight. It was the greatest battle on the continent to destroy Osumpong and her slavers once and for all. After an epic battle, the Mino defeated Osumpong but at a great cost. Their numbers were decimated and during their years in recovery, Africa fell into turmoil and colonial rule.

The few Mino survivors went into hiding to recover their strength and train new generations. They became a secret army protecting the continent from the shadows.

Joining the Mino

Prospective Mino exhibit unusual strength from a young age. Scouts seek out candidates and assess their potential.

If deemed worthy, they are brought to the hidden Mino fortress and training facility at Saasease. Tests determine who makes the cut.

At Saasease, recruits undergo intense physical training and education in combat, weapons, earth magic and lore as well as learning herbology, Mino rituals and African languages. It takes years to complete.

On passing their final test, initiates take the Mino oath and receive their sacred nnui necklace. Then they are full-fledged warriors.

The Saasease Fortress

Located underground beneath a large farm, Saasease serves as the Mino HQ and refuge. Powerful earth magic conceals it.

Inside are lavish halls, training grounds, armouries, monitoring stations, healing rooms, living quarters and more.

Baba caretakers operate the above-ground farm and provide food, clothing and other supplies for the Mino.

A magical waterfall allows remote viewing of threats across Africa that require Mino intervention.

Smaller regional bases with cottages masking entrances across Africa


  • Super strength, speed, stamina granted by Asasiya
  • With the nnui, can teleport through earth and stone by touching it
  • Can summon a protective armor and braided hair style before battle through libations
  • Blasts of concussive black energy from hands
  • Communicate telepathically through the nnui
  • Sense the life force and deaths of fellow Mino
  • Resistant to many forms of dark magic by nature
  • Using telepathic nnui crystals, Mino squads rapidly deploy across the continent on missions.
  • With elemental magic they can teleport through earth and rock, generate protective armour and bindings, and blast spirit energy.
  • Mino carry an arsenal of enchanted daggers, whips, throwing discs and other weapons.
  • Veterans adorn themselves with tattooed symbols of power.
  • Mino strike hard and fast, vanquishing otherworldly foes before locals even realise there was a threat.

The Mino’s incredible teleportation through earth and stone via their nnui crystals is immensely powerful – but not without limitations. First, a Mino can only travel to locations she has physically been before, as a psychic imprint must be left there. Unerring recall avoids materialising inside solid objects. Second, the greater the distance traveled, the more energy required for dematerialization and rematerialization. Attempting vast transcontinental journeys could drain a Mino dangerously, potentially to death. Thus, Mino are taught to make jumps incrementally, pausing to regain strength if venturing far. Lastly, even stone requires concentration – the denser the material, the more difficult piercing its atomic bonds to pass through. Only with practice can a Mino effortlessly phase through miles of bedrock. Patience is required to master traversing the very planet with this unique gift.

Hierarchy and Leadership

The Abrewa is the highest-ranked elder and oversees all Mino operations from Saasease. She governs with the aid of a council of experienced Mino warriors and advisors. In the field, Mino are organised into small, specialised strike teams with designated leaders. Male farmers, cooks, and builders called Baba work on their hidden bases. The Mino protect the Baba, who sustain their secretive way of life. Some Babas train as warriors to aid in operations to act as backup for the Mino, although they have no supernatural backing.