Mystic Man

Mystic Man

An immortal warrior with a tragic past. Originally known as Tohazie, he gains god-like powers after destroying the hearts of god-kings who abused their powers. He has various abilities like regeneration, flight, super adaptability, and more.

Mystic Man


Mystic Man, originally known as Tohazie the Red Hunter, is an immortal warrior with a rich history that spans millennia. Once a mortal champion for gods, his life took a dramatic turn after a personal tragedy led him to destroy the gods and inherit their powers.


In ancient times, Tohazie was a mortal hero named Tohazie who was a champion for the gods that walked the earth. The gods at the time treated humans cruelly, even killing Tohazie’s wife Rama for their hedonistic pleasures.

In retaliation, Tohazie went on a quest to find and destroy the vault containing the physical hearts of all the god-kings. He succeeded but was killed in the process. However, he awoke centuries later having gained a twisted immortality and inherited powers from the godly essence.

For millennia afterwards, Tohazie wandered in despair and longing for death. Eventually though, he found his potential for doing good and decided to accept his place as humanity’s champion.

In modern days, Tohazie owns an international pensions investments company called “Forever Pensions” which he leaves daily operations to while occasionally visiting in the civilian identity of Will Everlast. He also operates as the masked superhero Mystic Man in London.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mastery of Ancient Spells and Alien Magic
  • Regeneration/Healing: Rapid healing from injuries.
  • Flight: Ability to fly.
  • Super Adaptability: Can adapt to various environments, including outer space and underwater.
  • Life Stimulation: Ability to purify water, stimulate plant growth, and heal injuries.
  • Weather Manipulation: Control over weather phenomena.
  • Sensory Manipulation: Can use, distort, or remove others’ senses.
  • Animal Communication: Ability to communicate with animals.
  • Innate Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and immortality.


Tohazie was originally a mortal hero named Tohazie who lived thousands of years ago. He was a champion warrior who served a pantheon of powerful gods that ruled over Earth at that time. However, these gods were cruel and treated humans as their playthings, forcing kingdoms into unnecessary wars for their own amusement.

During an annual hedonistic gathering of the gods, Tohazie returned from battle to find that the god-king he served had taken his wife as a consort and killed her. Consumed by rage and grief, Tohazie embarked on a quest to get revenge. He succeeded in locating the secret vault where the gods kept their physical hearts, which they had removed to achieve immortality. Tohazie destroyed the vault, killing the seven gods, but perished himself in the process.

However, Tohazie was resurrected and awoke to find he had absorbed the divine essence of the gods, granting him twisted immortality and fantastic powers. For untold lifetimes afterwards, he wandered the world aimlessly, longing for death that would not come. Eventually Tohazie found new purpose in using his abilities to defend the humans whom the gods had once abused. He became Earth’s self-appointed immortal champion and protector, battling cosmic threats under many names and guises across history.

In the modern age, Tohazie lives in London in the rich secret identity of William Everlast, an investment mogul who covertly uses his company’s resources to fund his ongoing crusade. As Mystic Man, Tohazie fights to safeguard humanity, his centuries of experience lending him unique insight alongside his vast power. Though his stony demeanor hides profound care for the mortals under his guardianship, Mystic Man will go to any lengths necessary against those that endanger them.