The Abranteers are an ancient secret society of specially trained warriors who combat threats from magic users throughout human history. They use a variety of mystical artifacts and weapons powered by the abrant tree, a natural plant lethal to supernatural and alien beings.


Abranteers monitor magic and intervene against dangerous users known derogatorily as “Flickers”. Experienced Abranteers take rookie partners under their wing. Headquarters and abrant farms are hidden across the world. While avoiding politics, they influence global affairs covertly to neutralise mystical and non-human threats. Their base prohibits women, except imprisoned female sorcerers and vital contacts. Some criticise this gender exclusivity, but Abranteers consider it necessary for security. It has not been helped that many sorceresses are women. This is because sorcery and mysticism requires creativity which many women naturally have.

The Abranteers are an organisation of highly trained men who use technology and the qualities of the abrant plant to discreetly monitor, study, and apprehend dangerous non-human and mystical forces across the globe. They were initially assembled when human forces had to unite against supernatural creatures known as sebors. The Abranteers have since pioneered various weapons using abrant over generations to police dangerous magic users across history.

In modern times, the Abranteers operate as an elite investigative unit under their own secret governing body to monitor magic worldwide. The Abranteers main HQ is an orbiting space station, and they use FTL (Faster than Light) technology to transport their agents to and from the station.

They derogatorily refer to criminal magic practitioners as “Flickers.” While many benevolent magic users exist, including Archumans, Mino, Sorceresses, and more, the Abranteers focus on apprehending rogues who abuse their powers.

Abilities and Tools

The abrant-tree is a normal, non-magical plant. However, its properties are toxic to any non-human creatures or mystical beings. Abranteers leverage abrants in various ways: Its sap can nullify magic when used as a coating on weapons, or cooked into the weapons themselves. When ingested, the bitter abrant sap promotes longevity and healing in humans.

Abranteers grow hidden abrant tree farms globally for raw materials.

Specific abrant-based tools include:

  • Abrant Canes – Wooden wand-like batons that disrupt magical frequencies and slice through magical frequencies.
  • Abrantscopes – Devices that detect and measure the frequency in magic users.
  • Abrantites – Discs that dampen powers when attached to skin.
  • Abrantives – Abrant-tree powder grenades that temporarily nullifies magic in an area.
  • Abrantech Suits – Suits lined with abrant fibres.
  • Abrantech Sabres – Technologically advanced enhanced swords laced that simulates abrant properties.

Abranteers complement their abrant-based weapons with modern tactical gear like surveillance tech, sonic disruptors and more.

The Abranteers’ duty is protecting humanity from malevolent magic without prohibiting magic entirely. They have previously allied with benign magic factions against common enemies when necessary.

Abranteers uphold gentlemanly principles. Their longevity grants them unique wisdom in handling threats both mystical and moral. While flawed, the Abranteers truly see themselves as the guardians of humankind against supernatural forces – a solemn duty they have upheld for millennia.


I am the watchman guarding the divide,
With abrants, I am humankind’s guide
Standing as the bulwark against the night
No shadow or spell can escape my sight
To protect the world now and forevermore.
I am an Abranteer, this is my vow!


“Animus Contra Obscurum”
(Spirit Against Shadow)



  1. Cadet – Abranteer in Training
  2. Agent – Abranteer on the Field
  3. Specialist – Experienced Abranteer on the Field. Works with one or three Agents
  4. Knight – Honorary title for the most valorous Abranteers. They only work with Specialists and higher ranks.
  5. Captain & Major – Leader of Specialists and Agents. Joins bigger field missions.
  6. Colonel – Regional commanders, department heads, and the like.
  7. General – Members of the Abranteer Council and central leaders

To become a full-fledged Abranteer, cadets must pass the Trial of Seven. The initiate enters a dark cavern where ghostly visions attack – illusions conjured by senior sorcerers who are registered partners of Abranteers. Each phantom duel represents conquering one of seven vices that could corrupt an Abranteer’s judgement: greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, pride, envy and wrath. With abrants and wits, the aspiring agent battles his way through the shades – but cannot rely on weapons alone. He must also demonstrate virtue, self-discipline and mercy to break their spells. Once victorious, he emerges from the cave at dawn – being greeted by raucous cheers and the bestowment of his silver abrant, symbol of ascension to agenthood. This ceremony roots out the unworthy, ensuring only the humble, just and devoted join the ranks. It has humbled many arrogant cadets and forged honourable men from survivors willing to learn the Trial’s lesson rather than just fight. They understand the true enemy is not magic, but what festers within one’s own soul.