Painted Sorceresses

Painted Sorceresses

The Painted Sorceresses are an ancient order of witches who derive their power from an enchanted lipstick that channels the magic of their goddess – The Muse, the deity of beauty and desire.


The Sisterhood’s origin lies in ancient Egypt, where a vain queen demanded her court magician create a means for her to remain eternally beautiful. When he failed, she ordered his execution. That night, the grieving magician’s daughter begged the heavens for justice. Her plea was answered by a mysterious goddess who granted her enchanted lipstick infusing the power to entrance minds and control elements.

When the princess applied it, her inner and outer radiance became transcendent. She effortlessly enthralled the cruel queen and courtiers. Renaming herself Hatshepsut, First Sorceress, she established a lineage of influential beauties worshipping the secret goddess they knew only as The Muse.

They influence prominent individuals to indirectly shape politics and culture. Most recently, the Sorceresses have seeded their magic through cosmetics companies and Hollywood, expanding global reach. Lipstick applications rituals keep their goddess appeased. With the right shade, one can alter destiny itself.


The Painted Sorceresses’ abilities derive from their lipsticks containing The Muse’s essence:

  • Ability to mesmerize and manipulate humans, especially men
  • Cast illusions altering their appearance
  • Harness and direct elemental forces into destructive blasts
  • Gain knowledge through visions and prophetic dreams
  • Slow aging process

The more experienced can enslave minds, shatter stone or stop hearts with a glance. Their powers only work on others, not themselves, ensuring loyalty to the order.


The High Priestess governs the order. Seven elite vamp enchantresses wield the strongest magic and oversee operations. Initiates begin as acolytes, advancing over decades through beauty and talents. About two hundred members belong currently – the largest since the Roman Empire.