Ammo Tia

Ammo Tia

Ammo Tia, born with dwarfism, overcomes societal prejudices through her exceptional skills as a gunslinger. Her journey is one of resilience, determination, and mastery over her craft.


Ammo Tia is a pint-sized vigilante wielding a powerful arsenal of firearms and explosives. Bullied over her dwarfism as a child, Tia found her calling when she discovered a natural talent for marksmanship. Combining munitions mastery with a tenacious drive to overcome her small stature, she took on the persona of Ammo Tia – a gunslinger whose aim is unmatched no matter the target.


Faced with mockery and exclusion, Tia’s path to becoming a legendary marksman is driven by her desire to prove her worth and overcome the limitations imposed by society’s perceptions. Her small stature enables hiding in unexpected spots to ambush opponents. Elite combat skills and heavy firepower let Ammo Tia overcome foes many times her size. She proudly fights alongside other superheroes when extra firepower is needed on missions.

Powers and Abilities

  • Unmatched accuracy and precision with all firearm types
  • Quick dexterous reload times
  • Knowledge to craft special ammunition on demand
  • Agility to dodge attacks and utilize the environment
  • Genius intellect formulating creative battle tactics
  • Indomitable willpower and refusal to ever give up


Born with achondroplasia dwarfism, Tia endured cruel taunts from childhood bullies for her diminutive height. Their jeers wounded her self-confidence deeply. After her parents split, she found solace caring for shelter animals while developing a keen eye playing target games at arcade ranges.

When a bigger teen tried mugging Tia in an alley, she fought back fiercely, discovering her fighting spirit. After that incident, driven to never feel helpless again, Tia relentlessly practiced combat and weapons skills at a local gun range. Before long, she could shoot blindfolded flawlessly.

However, mastering firearms was not enough for her – she yearned to prove herself against anyone who still judged her by size. She created the identity of Ammo Tia, donning a cowboy hat and black leather jacket with bandoliers of custom bullets. With her trusty gold-plated pistols Now and Forever, she fights thugs and terrorists as the greatest little gunslinger in London.