Phoenix Pride

Phoenix Pride

Phoenix Pride is the superhero alias of Wendy Mills, an archhuman (magically-empowered being) who uses an advanced battlesuit to protect the innocent. After a tragic attack left her paralyzed, Wendy adopted her vigilante identity to combat threats beyond conventional means.


Mavis Volta is an archhuman, a race of magically-empowered beings who live separately from normal humans. She was born into one of the elite archhuman families that controls business and politics in their society. However, Wendy rejected the classism and prejudice of archhuman culture and fled her privileged life after her parents died. She changed her name to Wendy Mills, went into hiding, and built a new life among regular humans.


Wendy’s determination to turn trauma into hope drives her continuous self-improvement. She defeats criminals and terrorists with imaginative application of her abilities, pushing their versatility ever further in Daniel’s memory. Wendy proudly serves as both protector and role model for marginalized people unable to live freely without fear.

One day, Wendy hopes to bridge the divide between archhuman and human societies, healing prejudices on both sides. But for now, her heroic talents are better spent upholding justice directly by example as Phoenix Pride.

Powers and Abilities

As an archhuman, Wendy can innately control and manipulate various energies around her. This includes electricity, heat, sound, radiation, and kinetic force. With intense focus, she can fly and shoot explosive blasts.

Her specialized Phoenix Pride suit augments these talents, enabling precise targeting and power regulation. The lightweight armor also enhances her resilience and strength beyond human limits.


Wendy was born Mavis Volta, a member of one of the ruling elite archhuman families. However, she rejected the classism and bigotry ingrained in archhuman high society. After the deaths of her tolerant parents, Wendy fled into hiding in the human world, changing her name to Wendy Mills.

During this exile, Wendy fell in love with a human named Daniel and became engaged. When her vengeful ex-boyfriend from the archhuman aristocracy, Thermes, discovered this relationship, he hired an assassin to kill Daniel and paralyze Wendy as punishment for “tainting” her bloodline.

After months of recovery, Wendy found renewed purpose under her aunt Voltea’s guidance. With Voltea’s help, Wendy engineered a high-tech armored suit that could enhance her archhuman power to manipulate energy on a larger scale. Vowing to protect others from suffering like she had, Wendy took on the superhero persona of Phoenix Pride to stop crimes beyond normal law enforcement.

Though Thermes remained the ultimate target of her crusade for justice, Wendy refused to sink to his vicious level when finally given the chance for revenge. Instead, she had him arrested by human authorities, believing institutions should reform to treat everyone equally. Though tragedy hardened Wendy, she retains compassion thanks to her human lover Daniel’s memory.