Boss Cross

Boss Cross

Ruthless and cunning, Celia Cross wields her beauty, wealth and occult might to secretly dominate society’s upper echelon and steer world events toward the Painted Sorceress’ cryptic divine providence.


Celia Cross (full name: Celia Akosua Oppong) is a billionaire entrepreneur and high society influencer publicly celebrated for her philanthropy and business acumen. Privately however, Celia is the high priestess of an elite secret society called the Painted Sorceresses which promises power and spiritual transcendence to women willing to undergo a dangerous dark ritual known as The Awakening.

Powers and Abilities

After her own Awakening ritual, Celia obtained:

  • Immortality – Total agelessness; does not physically age beyond peak condition
  • Teleportation – Can instantly transport herself to any previously visited location without occupying the space between, but performing consecutive jumps increases fatigue
  • Enhanced physiology – Possesses amplified strength, speed, resilience and damage resistance beyond normal human limits
  • Glamour projection – Can mystically manipulate her appearance as well as cloud the minds of viewers, allowing disguise, illusion, influence and cloaking effects

Ruthless and cunning, Celia wields her beauty, wealth and occult might to secretly dominate society’s upper echelon and steer world events toward the Sisterhood’s cryptic divine providence.


Growing up poor in South London to Ghanaian immigrant parents, Celia experienced economic hardship and prejudice firsthand. After her mother’s early death, her father abandoned Celia at 14. Homeless for a time, Celia fell in with an occult group offering food and shelter in exchange for menial chores during their strange gatherings. They claimed to worship ancient goddesses who rewarded feminine power. Enthralled by their talk of female divinity, Celia devoted herself to learning their mystical ways.

Years later, Celia became a devoted member of the organisation – a secret collective providing economic opportunities, feminine guidance and intimate spiritual bonding for elite women. Through her commitment and creativity, membership grew rapidly as Celia’s affluence and influence expanded. The inner circle underwent a terrifying ritual called The Awakening, conducted inside a stone circle, which promised immortality and ascension to a goddess-like state of being for those who survived. The exact cost of this ritual was obscured to those undergoing it.

On the surface, Celia leads a glamorous A-list life as a serial entrepreneur, couture fashion icon, and respected philanthropist focusing especially on youth, women’s shelters and arts initiatives. She uses her immense new wealth and fame to promote gender equality and advancement while hiding the shadowy truth.

The Painted Sorceresses are dedicated to goddess worship, harnessing feminine energy and awakening supernatural talents in women through the use of their special lipsticks. Behind closed doors in their secret sanctuary estate, Celia oversees shocking rituals and offerings to their patron deities. She personally mentors promising initiates in occult studies and metaphysical abilities. The Awakened attain immortality and magic might by becoming living conduits of primordial goddess power…for an unspoken price. Not all survive intact. Those who do are sworn to lifeelong secrecy and service to the Sisterhood.