Nigel Meadows, a photographer turned supernatural vigilante, gains extraordinary abilities after a magical accident involving the Eye of Ra. Operating as Eyewitness, he uses his powers to battle sorcerers and mystical threats.


Eyewitness (Nigel Meadows) is a magician-vigilante who uses an enchanted camera that grants him supernatural abilities. Formerly an acclaimed photographer, Nigel was blinded in one eye when a magical artifact became trapped in his camera during a freak accident. Vowing to get revenge on the sinister magical order responsible, Nigel took on the persona of Eyewitness to combat occult threats.


A rising photographer whose life took a turn after a photoshoot accident. The loss of his girlfriend and the revelation of his sister’s involvement in dark magic propel him into a battle against the House of Ra.

Powers and Abilities

  • Supernatural Photography: His camera captures more than images, having various magical effects.
  • Temporal Freezing: Ability to freeze objects and people temporarily.
  • Shield Generation: Can create protective barriers.
  • Teleportation: The camera allows him to teleport targets to unknown locations.


Nigel was born to prominent fashion photographer Celia Meadows, who nurtured her son’s artistic talents from a young age. However, Celia hid her secret life as a high-priestess of the magical cabal called the House of Ra. As Nigel grew older, Celia brought him further into her magical world.

During a photoshoot at Celia’s estate, Nigel accidentally witnessed a ritual to contain the mystical Eye of Ra relic. When he tried capturing the ritual on film, the arcane energies imbued his camera while the flash blinded him in one eye.

After the trauma, Nigel retreated from public life to process what happened. His girlfriend Maya helped him discover that his camera now held reality-bending magical powers connected to the trapped Eye of Ra. Each function or setting conjured a different supernatural effect. Nigel soon mastered abilities like temporally freezing targets, generating magical shields and casting illusions.

When Celia sent agents to retrieve the camera and eliminate Nigel, they ended up killing Maya as collateral damage. Nigel was crushed at losing his beloved and swore vengeance on the House of Ra cabal. Using his enchanted camera against them, Nigel defeated Celia and her acolytes before stealing artifacts to further enhance his powers.

Vowing to end occult threats, Nigel became the trenchcoat-clad vigilante known as Eyewitness. He now covertly operates in the magical underworld, using his camera and growing array of spells against dark sorcerers and mystic foes. His ultimate goal is stopping his sister Celia and destroying the House of Ra for good.