Tribal Mark

Tribal Mark

Kweku Addo, nicknamed “Tribal Mark,” is a mysterious young boy from Ghana. He possesses incredible strength and a host of yet-to-be-fully-understood powers.


Kweku, nicknamed “Tribal Mark,” is a young superhero with an array of developing powers including strength, durability, flight and energy manipulation. After being orphaned, Kweku was taken in by his grandfather, a witch doctor who imprinted mystic tattoos onto Kweku’s face. These tattoos connect Kweku to a supernatural entity inside him that grants his superhuman abilities.


Kweku’s life changed dramatically after a car accident claimed his parents. Living with his juju-man grandfather in a northern village, he encounters a sentient power source that grants him extraordinary abilities. Kweku’s powers originates from the supernatural entity his grandfather summoned to inhabit him. The full extent remains unknown. His youthful temperament balances his teammates on adventures where he continues honing control of his expanding gifts. The mystic tattoos marking his face signify Kweku tapping into his entity’s magic.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman strength, durability, reflexes and endurance
  • Psychic bonds with animals
  • Mystic tattoos enabling magical effects
  • Flight
  • Energy manipulation and projection
  • Limited matter manipulation
  • Rifts through space-time continue developing


As a child, Kweku lost his parents in a tragic car accident. His extended family seized all his parents’ assets, abandoning Kweku at his grandfather’s remote village. His grandfather practiced a Native juju magic and gave Kweku tribal facial markings during a ritual meant to channel a spirit-god into the boy.

Over the years, Kweku realized he was developing strange powers after interacting with the supernatural force his grandfather had summoned. He found he could lift impossibly heavy objects and manipulate energy around him. Unsure of these frightening new talents, Kweku kept them secret.

When Kweku was 12, he met the twin demigods Yempew and Obimpe who claimed he was destined for greatness and could shake the foundations of the spirit world. Tempted by belonging, Kweku helped them steal a relic of power, but soon realized he had been manipulated.

Determined to make things right, Kweku joined forces with veteran heroes Nighteagle, Lithe Speed and the immortal Tohazie. During an epic battle against Yempew and Obimpe, Kweku’s full potential was unlocked, gifting him even greater powers.