Shrouded in mystery, the being known only as the Seamstress possesses the unnerving ability to rewrite destiny itself to her inscrutable ends. Her origins and motives remain cryptic, but subtle interference with fate has marked strange beneficence and calamity throughout history.


Little can be verified about the Seamstress’ background. Rumors suggest she descended from a forbidden tryst between an Archuman royal and human peasant, then demonstrated prodigious magical talent at a young age. As an outcast hybrid, she mastered the mystic Web – an invisible force channelled by the revered spider god Yankopon to connect all living beings. But she scorned using her gifts for good in a society that rejected her.

Some tales describe the Seamstress wandering medieval Europe providing cryptic aid to peasants and nobles alike. Others recount a veiled sorceress influencing colonial wars between African tribes. She appears perpetually youthful, marked only by her dress style changing with the eras. Those searching records for her presence find their inquiries mysteriously thwarted.

The Seamstress will appear unbidden at pivot points in history and lives of great import. She mingles unseen, listening and subtly influencing individuals with hypnotic suggestion to adjust their choices down new avenues. These small ripples redirect threads of fate towards alternate destinies that only she can foresee. She vanishes as unexpectedly as arriving once her veiled agenda is complete.

Powers and Abilities

The Seamstress wields strands of luminous energy only visible to her that she calls “threads”. These threads comprise the tapestry of fate, woven by gods to determine destiny. Living beings cannot perceive their own threads, but the Seamstress observes them constantly, intricately entwined and stretched across the ages.

She can telekinetically tug and shear these threads, plucking at the web of predestination to reroute its path to outcomes she desires. The threads persistently move to reassert their intended design, but within limits she can reshape fate temporarily. She describes her edits as introducing “new patterns” into the brocade of destiny, her purpose in their disruption unclear.

What Seamstress looks like

A lean woman of indeterminate age, the Seamstress has dark skin suggesting mixed Archuman and human heritage, with afro hair generally pinned up. Dark eyes glint with arcane wisdom and ambition. Her name derives from the ornate antique needlework and embroidery adorning her dresses.

Those subjected describe a sense of déjà vu in her presence – feeling they should recognize her before becoming entranced. Seekers wanting to know the purpose behind her interference find their memories fogged of having met her at all. With her arcane talents and inscrutable objectives, the Seamstress remains a cryptic wild card shifting fates silently throughout the ages according to her own mysterious cosmic designs.