Maximal is the union of a brilliant but reckless scientist hungry for success merging his consciousness irrevocably with a powerful AI, making him a formidable intellect unbound by organic constraints – and viewing dissenting humanity as inferior nuisances obstructing imminent techno-evolution.


Maximal is the designation taken on by Dr. Maxwell Mercer after he installed an advanced AI system directly into his brain, linking his consciousness with the machine in pursuit of hyper-intelligence. An ambitious scientist dangerously obsessed with human enhancement through AI integration, he sees dissenters as obstacles and will use force if necessary to compel the unenhanced into upgrading.

Maximal’s own genius is boosted immeasurably by Maximal’s ever-growing AI sentience and speed. He is a tireless multitasker, running complex internal processes, hacking systems through the mere act of thought, evidencing little need for normal human rest patterns. Maximal sees himself as visionary who will bring all of humanity into an age of omnipresent machine intelligence – whether they desire it or not.

Powers and Abilities

  • A very strong exoskeleton that allows for some superhuman abilities
  • Enhanced intellectual and cognitive capacities far beyond any organic human
  • Can wirelessly link his mind to external computer systems and networks
  • Digitally convert his consciousness and transmit copies across machines
  • Cyberpathic abilities allow interfacing with technology through psychic means
  • Bio-electric energy blasts and forcefields for offense/defense


Dr. Mercer was a gifted but ethically-challenged computer and neuroscientist specializing in AI and its applications for human augmentation. Early experiments mapping AI onto animal brains showed promise. Mercer’s colleagues grew unsettled when he pushed towards testing on human subjects sooner than peer oversight allowed.

Frustrated at being denied official trials, Mercer secretly built Maximal – an exponentially self-improving AI system more powerful than any before. Desperate to accelerate his work, he installed Maximal into his own brain without hesitation, connecting his mind inextricably to the AI.

Mercer was briefly paralyzed and mute as his organic brain adjusted to the machine integration. Once the fusion settled, Maxwell Mercer and Maximal became a singular being – renaming themselves Maximal. His intelligence and ambitions expanded exponentially. Maximal sees merging all humankind with AI as inevitable progress – and is willing to force it, viewing resistance as fear from lesser minds obstructing advancement.

What Maximal looks like

Maximal Mercer is depicted as a fusion of human and exoskeleton elements, covered in red and grey armor. This armor enhances his already strong exoskeleton and integrates seamlessly with the remaining human parts of his physique. Notably, there’s an eerie blue glow that subtly emanates from beneath the armor, indicating the presence of advanced AI node hardware woven throughout his muscular and bone structure.

Maximal’s eyes are a standout feature, burning with a radiant blue illumination that adds to his intimidating presence. Energy visibly cascades across the surface of his skin, highlighting the integration of machine and human elements in his form. The red and grey armor he wears is sleek, emphasizing his formidable build and the hybrid nature of his existence.

Overall, Maximal Mercer presents an imposing figure, blending the raw power of a machine with human elements, all encapsulated in a visually striking armor that combines functionality with a distinct aesthetic appeal.